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Power Washing

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. More time will be spent in the yard, playing lawn games, and just enjoying the sunshine. You don’t want to spend that time outside looking at a dirty, grimy looking driveway, house, and patio. Let Best of Utah Can Cleaning get your house looking clean and like new. Our trained technicians use a special hot water washing technique that is tough on dirt and grime but easy on your property. Sit back and enjoy the sun, while we do the dirty work. Once our service is complete, there will be no more worrying about inviting the neighbours and friends over for lawn games, barbecues, or a glass of lemonade. You will be able to show off your clean outdoor space with pride!

Why Invest in Powerwashing?



After a long day of work or being out of the house, no one wants to pull up to a dirty and soiled looking house. Winter can leave the outside of a house looking unclean and dingy. Let Best of Utah Can Cleaning give your home a facelift. Our warm water washing solution cleans brick and vinyl with ease. Leaving your house looking as good as new. There is nothing better than arriving home to a clean home, and being brought back to the days when you first bought it.


Driveways and Concrete

The driveway is one of the most used parts of your house and is one of the first things you see when arriving at your home. Odds are multiple cars drive up and down your driveway daily. Cars are part of our everyday lives and unfortunately, they can leave stains and tire marks on the driveway. These stains and grime can provide quite an eye sore to your property. The good news is that Best of Utah Can Cleaning can help. Our trained technicians can assist you in removing the hardest of stains. Oil, dirt, tire marks, hard water, and car fluids are no match for the hot water power wash we provide. Your driveway and concrete will be given new life and provide a clean aesthetic you can be proud of! Remember the longer the stain sits, the more it settles. It is best to call us as soon as you see a stain. If the stain has settled for a long time, more effort and time will be required to get it removed.

Patio Power Washing

Patios and Decks

Get out the yard games and the barbeque. Nothing better than relaxing on freshly clean patio or deck. Power washing can give a revived look to wood, vinyl, concrete or composite decks and patios. And while we are cleaning your deck and patio, we can give your outdoor furniture a wash as well. At the hands of our technicians, plastic, wood, metal, and composite outdoor furniture clean up wonderfully to complement your freshly clean outdoor space.

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