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Garbage Can Cleaning

Garbage Can Cleaning Service

Why not clean your garbage can on your own?

Cleaning a garbage can on your own is not recommended. Here are a few of the reasons:

  1. Exposure to unhealthy bacteria that grows in the garbage cans.
  2. To get rid of the awful odor, sometimes people use harmful chemicals that can pollute the environment or even harm themselves.
  3. No way to dispose of the contaminated water used in the cleaning.
  4. It is a dirty job and not fun to do.
  5. It never seems to get fully clean.

Why hire us to clean your garbage cans?

Hiring Best of Utah Can Cleaning is a quick and environmentally friendly way to clean your garbage cans. We eliminate all the stress so you don’t have to expose yourself to harmful bacteria or chemicals, let alone worry about disposing of the contaminated byproduct. We take the hassle out of cleaning your garbage cans.

Before and After Garbage Can Cleaning

No matter how hard you try, it seems impossible to keep your garbage cans clean and free of odor. Bags rip or leak and a residue of slime and gunk builds up on the bottom and sides of the can. The can itself becomes a petri dish growing all types of bacteria and mold; it can even become a breeding ground for pests and insects. Closing the lid hides all these creatures and give us a false sense of security that they do not exist. Our high pressure and hot water cleaning process not only removes the slime and residue from the can leaving it clean and shiny, but the process sanitizes the can as well by killing bacteria and flushing it out. You no longer will get hit by a foul odor every time you lift the lid to throw something away. And don’t feel bad for kicking bacteria out of the garage can. Remember, it was your garbage can before it was their home.  Take back your can and give us a call or book an appointment online today!

As Utah natives, we take pride in our community and are happy to provide a service that we believe helps improve our community. A clean can will keep out unwanted bacteria and pesky critters looking for food. Keeping out these unwanted pests eliminates the risk of spreading the illnesses and diseases that they may carry. Take the extra precaution to help improve the overall health of your family and community by keeping your can clean. Plus, no one wants to be known as the neighbor with the stinky garbage can!

When cleaning out a garbage can, all the leftover waste (and possibly even chemicals) have to go somewhere. Usually that waste is either allowed to seep into the ground or into the storm drain, and all runoff water eventually ends up in our canals and rivers. In many places in the United States it is actually illegal to dump waste into the gutters because of the pollution it causes. Our revolutionary cleaning process eliminates the use of harsh chemicals and completely avoids the disposing of contaminated water into the ground water and storm drain. Our process uses nearly 200 degree water that eliminates and kills harmful bacteria without the use of harsh chemicals. All water that is used in the cleaning is captured in our gathering hopper basin located on the trailer and is all self-contained. None of the contaminated water will be left behind as we take it all with us. You will not need to worry about supplying or disposing of any water. The amazing part is that through a 14-stage self-filtration system on the trailer, the used water will be cleaned and reused for cleanings throughout the day. The water is cleaned as it filters between the two water tanks located on the trailer. The only thing that we will leave with you is a clean can and a guilt-free conscious knowing that your can cleaning was eco-friendly and environmentally friendly.  

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