How it Works

Garbage Can Cleaning

How It works

Are your garbage cans rotting with harmful bacteria? Eliminate the odor and filth with Best of Utah Can Cleaning! Our eco-friendly hydro system completely sanitizes and deodorizes your garbage cans in less than 30 seconds. Having us clean your cans is as easy as 1, 2.. 3!


1) Sign Up Online

Signing up online is a breeze! Provide your basic information, subscribe to your preferred cleaning plan, and then submit your credit or debit card information. You will be notified of your first cleaning date, and your card will automatically be charged before each cleaning.

Garbage Bin

2) Place Your Cans On The Curb

Our system will automatically send you a reminder text the day before your scheduled cleaning. All cleanings are scheduled on the day following your garbage pickup day. Wheel your cans out to the street curb, and we will do the rest; just make sure there are no bags or loose garbage in the cans. Once we are finished cleaning your cans, they will be placed back on the curb.


3) Relax and Enjoy Clean, Odorless Cans

It’s that easy! No more harmful bacteria or foul smell. To check when your next cleaning is or to review past cleanings, visit our login page and login with the info you entered when signing up for services.

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Our company

Best of Utah Can Cleaning Company is a locally-owned and family-operated garbage can cleaning business. We provide professional-grade garbage can cleaning services for Utah’s residents and businesses. Our eco-friendly can cleaning hydro system uses state-of-the-art technology to clean, sanitize and deodorize your garbage cans. 
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We are affordable! Sign up with our hassle-free booking system.​

Serving Sandy, Herriman, Riverton, Draper and South Jordan

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We use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the best possible cleaning experience. Our innovative process is not only efficient but environmentally friendly too. Each of our cleaning technicians goes through intensive training to make sure they get the job done right. From beginning to end our top priority is to keep our customers happy and safe.
Professional Trash Can Cleaning Service

Our Truck Arrives

Our technician wheels your empty can from the curb to our state-of-the-art hydro-cleaning system. The system picks up your can using hydraulic claws and flips them upside down over the spraying nozzle.

Hot Water Trash Can Cleaning

High-Pressure Hot Water Cleansing

The system’s nozzle rotates 360 degrees and sprays extremely hot water at nearly 200 degrees Fahrenheit with 3500 PSI. We do not use any chemicals during the water cleansing process. This extreme heat and pressure is sufficient to remove the filth and kill harmful bacteria such as Listeria, Salmonella, and e-Coli. We also use a power washer to spray the exterior of your can to make sure it is filth-free and bacteria-free.

Eco Friendly

Eco-Friendly Water Filtration

All of the dirty water is caught in the metal hopper surrounding the can and filtered through our 15-stage filtration system. This high-end filtration system uses the latest technology available to filter down to just 5 microns. The water is then reclaimed into one of our 270-gallon tanks. All phosphates, oils, and even pollens are filtered out of the water. The filtered wastewater is disposed of properly at environmentally-safe facilities at the end of each day.


Clean Cans

Just like that your cans are clean! Once your cans are lowered from the hydro-cleaning system, we use a rag and eco-friendly deodorizer to wipe down each lid and handle area. This will leave your garbage cans smelling fresh and clean. Our technician will then take the cans back to the curb and place a small piece of tape on the lids to indicate that the cans have been cleaned.

Our Pricing & Plans


$ 35 Every Month
  • Covers up to two cans/visit +$7 per additional can


$ 45 Every 2 Months
  • Covers up to two cans/visit +$8 per additional can
Most Popular


$ 55 Every 3 Months
  • Covers up to two cans/visit +$9 per additional can


$ 75 One-Time Cleaning
  • Covers up to two cans/visit +$10 per additional can


Garbage Can and Recycling Can

We clean your cans the day after your garbage has been collected.

Generally your cans will be cleaned within 14 days of booking, however, this time does vary depending on the city in which you live. Oftentimes we are able to clean your garbage cans within a few days of booking.

No, each can added to the service will be identified and marked; only these marked cans will be cleaned.

We do not clean cans if the temperature drops below 35 degrees. Once the weather is consistently below this temperature (typically mid-November), we will pause all clients’ subscriptions. The subscriptions will pick up where they left off once the weather starts to warm up above 35 degrees (typically mid-March). Clients will receive a notification when subscriptions are paused and unpaused.

Yes, your garbage can cleaning schedule will change with your garbage pickup schedule.

Garbage truck pick up times can vary greatly. To avoid delays of the cleaning of your cans, we clean the next day starting first thing in the morning.

We start cleaning as early as 7am and typically finish cleaning around 3pm, however, there are busy days that our technicians will be cleaning into the late afternoon/early evening.

You can request to have your cans cleaned the day of your pickup, however, we do not make any guarantees and the cleaning would most likely be in the afternoon.

Yes you can clean only one can, however, you do get the best value by adding additional cans at a much lower price.

No, our system holds two 270-gallon water storage tanks.

No, just leave your empty cans on the curb and we will clean them for you.

You can be added to our waitlist and once we have enough customers in your area, we will reach out to you and schedule your cleaning

Yes we are. We have all of the necessary licensing with the state and we are fully insured with liability insurance and workers’ compensation.

Pricing fo Trash Can Cleaning in South Jordan, Draper, Riverton, and Sandy Utah
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